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Courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Union artillery fires across the Potomac River. Drawing from Frank Leslies' Illustrated Newspaper, October 25, 1862

(8-2007) Enlarge Another view of the wartime crossing area from the James Rumsey Monument


(8-2007) Enlarge James Rumsey Monument


(8-2007) Enlarge James Rumsey monument from Maryland side. Not sure about the bridge pier. If anyone knows contact me
This imposing granite column was erected in 1915 as a memorial to inventor James Rumsey, an important American scientific inventor. Mr. Rumsey was fortunate to attract the attention and support of many of the important leaders of the time, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, who set up the Rumsean Society in Philadelphia to support him. Located at the end of North Mill Street


(8-2007) Chesapeake & Ohio Canal information sign
From Washington D.C. to Cumberland Maryland, the C & O Canal was originally intended to ship goods from D.C. to the Ohio Valley (near Pittsburg). Construction began in 1828 and was completed up to Cumberland by 1850. The canal was subject to flooding, labor intensive to build, operated at a loss for many years and finally was outdated by the Baltimore and Ohio railroad which was built along the same route. The railroad took over the canal in 1902 but its financial liability and damage from the 1924 flood finally lead it to suspend operations
1. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park (NPS)
2. C & O Canal Virtual Tour


(8-2007) Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

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