Antietam, a Virtual Tour
The Middle Bridge
Boonsboro Pike

Courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Interpretive Markers near the Middle Bridge Site

1.  U.S.A. First Brigade, Calvary Division #89
2.  U.S.A. Calvary Division #21
3.  U.S.A. Second Brigade Calvary Division #90
4.  U.S.A. Battery A, 2d U.S. Artillery #92
5.  U.S.A. Battery E, 1st U.S. Artillery #96
6.  U.S.A. Batteries C and G, 3d U.S. Artillery #95
7.  U.S.A. Batteries B and L, 2d U.S. Artillery #94
8.  U.S.A. Battery M, 2d U.S. Artillery #93
9.  U.S.A. Battery K, 5th U.S. Artillery #97
10.  U.S.A. Horse Batteries and Reserve Artillery #30
11.  U.S.A. Infantry Deployment
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(July 4, 2009) Enlarge Marker near bridge site
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  (July 4, 2009) Enlarge Marker near bridge site

(July 4, 2009) Enlarge Newcomer Farm. Currently undergoing restoration by Antietam National Battlefield. The park is moving slowly ahead with plans to restore the barn, which was used as cover by both Confederate and Union snipers

  (July 4, 2009) Enlarge Modern bridge at Middle Bridge site

(Wartime) Enlarge Middle Bridge from the North East (Newcomer Farm - A. Gardner, Sept 1862)
Library of Congress photo


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