Fort Donelson National Battlefield
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(3-95) BID FOR FREEDOM. Fearing entrapment and capture, the Confederates attacked in an effort to open an escape route to Nashville


(3-95) UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. "I am pleased to announce...The unconditional surrender this morning of Fort Donelson" U.S. Grant, Brigadier General, U.S.A February, 16, 1862


(3-95) TWO STARS RISE IN THE WEST. At Donelson two great commanders revealed the character and force that were to carry them to fame. U.S. Grant, U.S.A - Nathan B. Forrest, C.S.A


(3-95) The Cost and the Consequences. "The blow was most disastrous and almost without remedy. " A.S. Johnston, General, C.S.A.

(10-08) Enlarge Visitor Center interpretive marker
Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

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