Gettysburg, October 2006
Courtesy of Mick Burkey, CA

(10-06)  17th Pennsylvania Calvary Monument; Inscription reads “17th Pennsylvania Calvary; 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Calvary Corps Army of the Potomac” Photo was taken on a foggy morning in October 2006 at Gettysburg

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(10-06) Located on Cemetery Hill along the Baltimore Pike right next to the National Cemetery. Constructed in 1854, the cemetery was a major position for the Union Army as part of the “fishhook” defensive line. It was also the scene of fighting throughout the battle. Photo was taken right inside the gatehouse and shows some of the older graves in the cemetery, October 2006


(10-06) Close-up of the General James Longstreet equestrian statue in Pitzer Woods on Seminary Ridge


(10-06) Cemetery Ridge along Hancock Avenue looking north toward the Copse of Trees in the center and The Angle beyond the trees. In the foreground are a 10-Pounder Parrott Rifle, the 1st New York Light Artillery, Battery B Monument, and the Monument to the United States Regulars

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