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Culp's Hill: Johnson versus Greene


Culp's Hill: Johnson versus Greene

About 4 pm a group of fourteen cannon on Benner's Hill under the command of Major Joseph Latimer, opened fire on Federal positions on Culp's and Cemetery Hills as a prelude to the planned infantry assaults of Johnson, Ewell and Early. They were answered by 24 Federal guns and, in the ensuing 1.5 hour exchange, Latimer was mortally wounded and his guns were forced off Benner's Hill. About this time, three of Johnson's brigades, consisting of 4,500 men, stepped off for their attack, crossing Rock Creek and climbing the eastern face of Culp's Hill. As Lee had expected, under the pressure of Longstreet's attacks, Meade had stripped his right flank, "borrowing" most of the 12th Corps for duty along Cemetery Ridge and the Wheatfield. All that remained on Culp's Hill was Gen. George Greene's brigade of 1,400 New Yorkers, occupying  only a portion of the entrenchments that had been vacated. Fending off a five hour series of assaults on his thin line, Greene managed to hold off the better part of a Confederate division. When the remainder of the 12th Corps returned, they found most of their trenches near Spangler's Spring occupied by the rebels. An early morning counter-attack by the Federals recaptured their positions and Johnson was pushed off Culp's Hill for good.





(7-01) Enlarge Benner's Hill

(7-01) Enlarge Latimer's Battalion CSA



(7-01) Benner's Hill, scene of an artillery duel between Major Joseph Latimer's Confederate guns and the Federal artillery on Culps and Cemetery Hills. Latimer was killed during the action. Looking southwest toward Cemetery Hill

(Wartime) East Cemetery Hill from the Hanover Rd. as it crosses Benner's Hill

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