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Devil's Den: Hood's Attack


Devil's Den: Hood's Attack

Longstreet's attacks were intended to be en echelon, attacking up the Emmitsburg Road. Hood's Texas brigade arrayed itself at the southernmost position and started their attack opposite the Bushman farm. Some of Hood's regiments swung wide to the right, up and over Big Round Top and eventually found their way into action against Little Round Top, while others advanced through the woods to a jumble of rocks that would become known as "The Devil's Den".



(7-01) Bushman Farm
Panorama: Starting position, facing east, on the southern part of Seminary Ridge for Robertson's brigade of Hood's division on the afternoon of July 2

(7-01) Slyder farm (viewed from the west)


(7-01) Remnants of a wall crossed by Robertson's brigade on their way to Devil's Den

(7-01) Vestiges of the trolley system which used to cover the battlefield

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