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Photos/text courtesy of Becky Laudenbacher
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(2007-8)  Night Fall at High Water…As night falls the fog raises over the meadow capturing this eerie rendition of the 1st Minnesota monument which marks the position of this regiment as it defended against Pickett’s charge on July 3rd


(2007-9)  Willoughby Run…The river runs north and south on McPherson’s Ridge. The Iron Brigade and Archer’s Confederate Brigade splashed though these waters as they engaged in horrific fighting in Herbst Woods on July 1st


(2007-10)  Cemetery Ridge….Artillery cannons on East Cemetery Hill marking the spot where Maj. General Howard’s Eleventh Corps troops defended the steep slopes from the Louisiana Tigers and North Carolina. To the east are equestrian statues of Major Generals Oliver O. Howard and Winfield S. Hancock which mark the crest of East Cemetery Hill. Taken in infrared photography


(2007-11)  National Cemetery…. The Soldiers National Monument located in the Gettysburg National Cemetery, which is surrounded by the graves of the fallen soldiers. Taken in infrared photography


(2007-12)  Maj. Gen. Hancock… This monument marks the spot where Major General Winfield Scott Hancock was wounded on July 3, 1863 during Pickett’s charge. In the background is the Cordori Farm


(2007-13)  Picture 13 and the winner of the Friends of Gettysburg Contest

1st Minn…. The first Minnesota monument on Cemetery Ridge stands surrounded by Little Round Top to the south and the George Weikert farm in the meadow

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