Gettysburg Photo Album
Pickett's Charge Page6

(7-01) Cowan's 1st NY battery, facing west

(7-01) Cowan's battery



(7-01) Cemetery Ridge facing south near Meade's statue

(7-01) EnlargeCushing's battery. California Regiment monument and the angle are in the distance - also Armistead's memorial (left)
The following tablets are arrayed all in the same general area - at the top of Cemetery Ridge near the angle
Tablet 2: Pickett's Charge
Tablet 3: The High Water Mark
Tablet 4: Cyclorama Focal Point
Tablet 5: Battlefield Landmarks - West and North
Tablet 6: Battlefield Landmarks - South and West
Tablet 7: Pettigrew and Trimble's Attack

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