Fort Coffee
Near City of Fort Coffee, Leflore County, Oklahoma

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(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Oklahoma Historical Society markers on US-271 near east edge of Spiro, OK


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Fort Coffee


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Choctaw Agency
Note: Choctaw Agency marker error. F. C. Armstrong should read
F. W. Armstrong
Francis (aka Frank) Wells Armstrong was the father of Confederate Gen. Frank Crawford Armstrong


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Fort Coffee stood on the ridge which runs from the green and white shop building to the far right of the picture. View looking northwest toward fort and Arkansas River landing


Original house located at Ft. Coffee (the town) just north of Skullyville. It's construction is similar to most of the old Indian homes of the 1830-50's

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