(5-02) Fort Gibson National Cemetery Brochure: The Officers' Circle around the flagpole includes the earliest recorded interment, Lt. John W. Murray, 7th U.S. Infantry, who died on Feb. 14, 1831. Three other officers who died in 1831 are buried around the circle with Lt. Murray. Among them is Col. John Nicks, 7th Infantry of North Carolina. He was the first Postmaster at Fort Gibson and the second Postmaster in the State of Oklahoma. Maj. Joel Elliott is another interesting person interred here. He commanded the 7th Cavalry during the year Custer was suspended from his command and his rank after being court martialed. Also buried in the circle is Talahina Rogers, the Cherokee wife of Gen. Sam Houston. Though her headstone bears the name of Talahina, this is a Choctaw Indian word and the correct spelling of her name would be Tiana. Vivia Thomas, a Boston society girl, is also buried here. It is odd to find a woman soldier buried in an old military cemetery, but according to legend she masqueraded as a man and served in the Army for 24 years

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