Northeast of Spiro, Leflore County, Oklahoma

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(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Map Ground once occupied by the town of Skullyville, Indian Territory. View looking east from approximately 0.13 mi. west of Walker's Station


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail  Map Skullyville interpretive marker at driveway leading to the Choctaw National Cemetery. Spring Road approximately 0.2 mi. south of Walker's Station


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Map An old Oak at the Walker's Station site


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Map Walker's Station. Skullyville, Leflore County. The old station (formerly the Choctaw Agency, 1832) later known as the Ainsworth place, burned on September 12, 1947. The station was operated by Tandy Walker, later a Confederate Colonel and commanding officer of the 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
Walker's Station occupied the high ground in center background. The ruins of a 20th century structure (recently burned) sits on the former site of the station. View looking north
Walker's Station marker located due east of the station site, on the west side of the county road and in the center of a trace of the old Butterfield road which can be seen in the right half of the picture

(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Detail Walker's Station marker  

Enlarge The remodeled Choctaw Agency House (Walker Station of Butterfield days). The Ainsworth's remodeled the house in 1892 (according to Dr. Hartshorne). The original 1832 house had three large log rooms (S, M, N). The one-foot hewn logs came from Cavanal Mountain, and the red cedar shingles from local sources. The North room's roof had leaked too much, so the new Ainsworth owners decided to remodel the house. The northern log room was torn down, and a new frame wing of the house was built. New weather boards, roof, ceilings, and white painting were applied all around the house. The picture (Source: Oklahoma Historical Society) of the remodeled house was taken about 1894 (according to Dr. Messer's best guess based on KCS timetable thru Spiro). Widow Ainsworth lived in the house until it burned on 9-23-1947. CSA Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong was born in this house on November 22, 1835. This was the money house to the Choctaw's of Skullyville fame

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