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(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Entrance to the Choctaw National Cemetery in Skullyville. Driveway entrance to the cemetery from Spring Road is approximately 0.2 mi. south of Walker's Station


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Choctaw National Cemetery from the entrance gate. Photos of the monument in the center of the picture are below


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Detail Monument at front-center of the cemetery


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Detail Back of the monument


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge  Detail Grave of Col. Tandy Walker, operator of Walker's Station and Commanding Officer of the 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles during the Civil War


(October 7, 2012) Enlarge Walker plot. Col. Tandy Walker's monument is second from the right at the corner of the iron fence

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