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(April 2007) Enlarge Interpretive marker at old LSU site
This interpretive marker tells of William T. Sherman's involvement with the school. It is located on the Old LSU Site Walking Trail in Pineville Louisiana
It is interesting to note that although the city of Alexandria was burned during the Federal retreat, Sherman's former employer escaped destruction. General Sherman apparently made it known the building was not to be ravaged, even though he was not in command, his wishes were respected

(April 2007) Enlarge This marker has a glass-like image of the school so a visitor can look through the image and see the ruins of the foundation in the background, then think of how the building which no longer stands might have looked


(April 2007)  Enlarge     Detail   While walking the interpretive trail the ruins of the foundation and walls can be easily seen. Their are plenty of interpretive markers and fence to denote the out line where foundations do not show
Since Gen Banks' Federal troops did not destroy this building during their scorched-earth retreat, the occupying Confederates used the building as a hospital

(April 2007) Old LSU ruins Enlarge


(April 2007) VA Hospitals Civil War & Present
The current Veterans Administration Hospital at Pineville is in the distance. The photo was taken from inside the enclosure of the Confederate war-time hospital used for men in the Red River Campaign. The fence and cement mark areas where the foundation is no longer above ground/visible


(April 2007) Enlarge     Floor Plan    Interior of CSA Hospital/Old LSU
The interpretive marker shows the floor plan of the old LSU building in Pineville, Louisiana which was used by Confederates as a hospital
The photo taken in what was the interior shows part of the outline of the building used. From the trail and ruins, this must have been quite a building/hospital. There is an account of a soldier from Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry Regiment who wrote of a comrade's death at this hospital in Gary Joiner's recently released book LITTLE TO EAT AND THIN MUD TO DRINK. U of Tenn Press, 2007

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