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(3-94) Museum, artifacts from various battlefields

(3-94) Museum, Lithograph of the Louisiana Secession Ordinance (center document)


(3-94)  Staging and induction area (open area across the R/R tracks)

Selection from 1994 Tour Guide: Staging and induction area for new arrivals and departures. New recruits were registered here and assigned a camping area while departing troops gathered here to await trains bound initially for Kentucky and later primarily for Virginia and Tennessee. Armed guards were stationed in this area at all times

(3-94)  Hospital and commissary complex

1994 Tour Guide: Beginning in this area and extending along the south side of the cemetery was the hospital and commissary complex. The branch of Beaver Creek which you just crossed provided a constant spring fed water source for the hospital while the proximity of the cemetery provided a convenient final resting place for the less fortunate 

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