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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX

(April 2007)  3 Inch Ordinance Rifle located in outdoor covered display area in front of the museum entrance at Mansfield Battlefield

(April 2007)  6 lb Field gun at Mansfield Battlefield Museum. Outdoor display under cover


(April 2007)  Enlarge This marker is located on the path from the parking lot toward the museum entrance at Mansfield Battlefield. It provides a brief overview of the April 9, 1864 battle

(April 2007)  Enlarge The monument to victorious CSA General Richard Taylor was dedicated by his daughters and the Louisiana UDC. General Richard Taylor was the son of US President Zachary Taylor and brother-in-law of CSA President Jefferson Davis. After the war he wrote a book about his exploits which obviously did not fail to mention his defeat of General Nathaniel P. Banks' Union invasion force that greatly outnumbered his troops. Taylor also expressed deep regret in his book that in a moment of triumph much of his outnumbered command was removed by his superior Edmond Kirby-Smith to fight elsewhere


(April 2007)  The UDC Monument at Mansfield Battlefield is located near the entrance to the driveway from LA Hwy # 175


(April 2007)  Monuments and Museum at Mansfield Louisiana

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