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(8-3-2001) East end of Belle Isle viewed from the north bank near Tredegar. The site of the prison was directly under the highway
Don Worth photo

(Wartime Photo) Belle Isle from the north bank. The buildings were used by guards and for administration of the prison. The earth wall of the prison is visible at the foot of the hill near the center of the photo
Don Worth photo


(8-3-2001) Looking across the island from the north side. The remnants of the wall of the camp is just behind the sign (with bushes), main gate at left. The wall was very short - it was used as a "dead line" rather than a barrier
Don Worth photo

(Wartime Photo) Belle Isle from the hill overlooking the camp, April 8, 1865. Photo by Alexander Gardner
Don Worth photo


(June 2013) Enlarge UDC Headquarters and Museum
This photo was taken on June 28, 2013 in front of the building which houses the headquarters, library, and museum of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. (UDC) Standing by the Confederate artillery located in front of the building is a member of the UDC, who graciously agreed to have her photograph taken and posted on this website. The building is not open to the public, but is available to members by appointment only
UDC Memorial Building
Dedicated November 11, 1957, in Richmond, Virginia, to the Women of the South. This Memorial Building and Great Hall are affectionately dedicated to the women of the Confederate States of America for their loyal devotion, self-sacrifice, adaptability to new tasks, constancy of purpose, exemplary faith in never changing principles. In these qualities reposes the memory of the women of the Confederacy
Erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy
UDC Business Office
Memorial Building
328 North Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220-4009

William Bozic photo


(June 2013) Enlarge UDC 150th Monument
This monument located just outside the UDC headquarters building commemorates the 150th anniversary of the War Between The States 1861-1865 (2011-2015) The obelisk also recognizes the Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial, Patriotic duties the UDC has performed over the many years

William Bozic photo



(June 2013) Enlarge Stonewall Jackson Flag
This Army of Northern Virginia pattern battle flag is on display at the UDC Headquarters

William Bozic photo


(June 2013) Enlarge UDC HQ Doors
This enormous set of ornate bronze doors was donated to the UDC by the Children of the Confederacy, which is a group sponsored by the UDC for both male and female children who are the descendants of Confederates. The bronze doors are rarely used due to their enormous size. Entrance to the building is usually from side access doors and intercom. Notice engraved in the stonework above the doors is the name United Daughters of the Confederacy

William Bozic photo

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