Totten's Union Battery                                                                                                                                                              CSA Advance                                                                         Guibor's Confederate Battery                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Union Battery F


Bloody Hill--Located at Tour stop 7, this view is taken from the Federal right flank on the left side of picture facing north with Tottens Battery, Company F, 2nd U S Artillery in the trees. Area slightly to the right in the trees behind the tree in the foreground is the position of the Sinkhole, Lyons Stone and the main federal Line. To the right of the lone tree down in the valley (east) at the tree line is the position of General Price's camp and headquarters area (Edwards Cabin is not visible in this scene) and also the main Confederate line which attacked up Bloody Hill (Note: The CSA tree line was separated from the Federal treeline by a field). To the right of the trail in the distance at the tree line is Henry Guibors Battery position (south). To the right up the trail in the trees is the gun position of Lt. Sokalskis detached battery of Company F, 2nd U S Artillery


Panorama/narrative courtesy of Loren Drummond, St. Louis, MO
Images taken with an Olympus C3000 and stitched using Adobe Photo Deluxe

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