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Photos/text courtesy of Shane Higgins, Chelsea, AL
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(2009) Enlarge A view of the inner fort. These are all recreated on the original Fort Tyler site. After the Battle the Fort lay in ruin until 1897. West Point needed a reservoir and the fort made perfect site as the Union left a huge Crater in the middle of the fort. The reservoir was built and in service until 1959 when abandoned. An archeological study in the 1996 found the buried remains the fort and the current fort was built from it and the pre-existing remains. The site was dedicated in 1998

(2009) Enlarge South end of the fort



(2009) Enlarge Historical Marker of the battle in downtown Lannet, AL (The battle took place in what now is Lannet, AL)

(2009) Enlarge Historical Markers leading you to Fort Tyler Cemetery. Another marker shows information about Gen. Robert Tyler. Tyler commanded the Confederates in the Battle of West Point and was killed during the battle


(2009) Enlarge Fort Tyler Cemetery - Located across the river in West Point, GA


(2009) Enlarge The graves of Gen. Robert Tyler and his second in command Captain C. Gonzales

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