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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Dancy-Polk House (circa 1829). American Chestnut column with patched cannon ball damage

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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge This is an original brick that the house was constructed with. Note the design which was done to make it both strong and lightweight



(Sept. 2010) Enlarge These are a group of Minnie balls that were found in a leather satchel in one of the interior walls of the house. It is believed that a soldier may have stashed them for safe keeping

(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Main staircase in front entrance parlor


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Note the curio cabinet in the front entrance parlor. Many items related to this history of the house are contained within these cabinets including rare books, a bible, original photos and Civil War munitions. Also note the heavy door knob/lock assembly original to the front door (a modern lock is mounted above). All of the doors and wood trim are original to the house


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge The Sitting Room is one of the most complete rooms of it's kind in any Civil War period building in the Southern states! This room still contains over 90% of it's original plaster on the walls. It is well taken care of and although cracks constantly return to the walls, great care is taken to maintain these original walls. The wood floors are original as is the fireplace mantle and all woodwork within the room. This house contains many rooms which still retain the original picture-rail along the walls. This is rare in that many homes lost the picture-rail and molding throughout the years due to modernization with wallpaper. It is also a miracle this woodwork survived intact through the Civil War as the Union soldiers in Decatur used all the wood they could find for the fort construction or for fires to keep warm

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