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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Dancy-Polk House (circa 1829). Lincoln chair in sitting room

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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge James K. Polk



(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Polk's couch

(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Dining room


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Dining room fireplace


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Civil War Sword Damage at top of staircase: This is a fairly large chip missing from the banister at the top of the third floor staircase landing which was caused by a Union soldier's sword as he was looking for wood most likely for a fire. After the initial blow someone stopped him as the banister was saved. It is unknown why the Dancy-Polk House was one of the few structures to be spared in Decatur but it is believed it was due to a tunnel that ran underground from the Dancy-Polk House to the Old Bank Building which was used as a go-between for Union soldiers and officers

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