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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Dancy-Polk House (circa 1829). This is the back portion of the house that once had a large back porch which was destroyed for it's wood during the Civil War and never replaced. The door seen in this photograph is currently referred to as 'The Bad Chef's Door' by the current owners as it is located in the kitchen
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(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Back porch



(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Side

(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Traveling salesman building (front): This building is located at the back of the lot directly behind the Dancy-Polk House and is known as the 'Traveling Salesman Building.' Traveling salesmen that came through Decatur would stay at the Dancy-Polk Inn and open up shop inside this building laying their wares out on a table for the general public to view and purchase. The 'old timers' in Decatur remember this building being used as a country store. It has even been used as a residence in modern times. The current owners hope to transform the site into a wedding chapel as part of their bed & breakfast business


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Traveling salesman building


(Sept. 2010) Enlarge Interior, facing front

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