Fort Gaines, Alabama
February 2011 Page4

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(019) Enlarge (Stop 12) Tunnel Course - Visitors may choose here to descend the north ramp to the courtyard. Those descending the ramp may enter the bastion through the tunnel that runs to the magazine

(020) Enlarge Northwest Bastion Tunnel & Magazine


(021) Enlarge (Stop 13) Northwest Bastion - This bastion is preserved in it's original condition. Note the craftsmanship and engineering expertise which went into the brick work of the tunnel. On each side, facing the moat are embrasures for firing small arms. Three 24-pounder howitzers were mounted here in 1861. Ventilation ports can be seen in the ceiling fan. Ammunition room stands in the back of the floor area, and a cover plate for the rain water cistern lies on the floor. The breast high wall around the earthen floor platform protected the soldiers manning the top positions. Rain catches can be seen outside as well as filter arrangements. Prominent on the floor are circular granite mounts for the barbette gun carriages traversing their field of fire

(022) Enlarge (Stop 14) Bakery - This section housed a 12 foot oven, a smaller oven and store rooms 

(023) Enlarge Bakery Interpretive Marker and Ovens   (024) Enlarge Flour Storage Room

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