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Photos courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, MS
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(2011) Smith Cemetery (once known as the Old North Star Methodist Cemetery). These are photos from a long forgotten cemetery located in the middle of a large cow pasture on private land near Guntown, Mississippi. Although it's location is off the beaten path and not part of the Brice's Cross Roads it is located approximately 3 1/2 miles down Guntown Road from the Brice's Cross Roads National Park intersection
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1.  Find A Grave: Smith Cemetery

(2011) Smith Cemetery. The land was part of the Steven W. Smith place back in 1840 and everyone buried there are related in one way or another (except maybe, John Wilkes Booth). My Grandmother was a Smith and her Grandparents are buried there. Steven Wood Smith is buried there. His murder trial was the first murder trial ever held in Tishomingo Co back in 1840. He was killed in Carrolville near Baldwyn. Also in that cemetery is Dr. John Fletcher Booth and his second wife, Emily Gambrell. He and Emily were the ones who supposedly kept John Wilkes in their home in Guntown. They also donated the land were the present day Guntown School is located. William Ira Smith's wife, Suzannah Mary Elizabeth Gambrell was a sister of Emily and is also buried in the Smith Cemetery. They were my Grandmother's Grandparents. Emily's parents, a brother, and a sister, are buried in a nearby cemetery that likewise sits in a wooded part of a cow pasture on the same road as the Smith Cemetery. It is closer to the Crossroads and there are 4 soldiers that were killed in the battle buried in it. It is called the Old Bethel Cemetery. Courtesy of Jimmy Bryson
1. Find A Grave: Old Bethel Cemetery


(2011) Smith Cemetery. John Wilkes Booth Grave Photos: It is believed around these parts that John Wilkes Booth somehow escaped his ordeal and made his way to Booth family members residing in Guntown, MS where he lived his life out as a recluse in the upstairs room of his cousin's (Dr. J. F. Booth) home. When he passed away he was buried in the Booth family plot in an unmarked grave. Many years later a tombstone was placed at the grave by an unknown person. For further reading:
1. Where in Mississippi is ... Guntown

2. Ms Community Believes Booth Buried There
The Smith Cemetery was probably once on a old road named the Reynoldsburg Road or the Western Natchez Trace that ran from Carrolville through the Smith place and then to where the original town of Guntown was located before moving to the railroad just before the war. Courtesy of Jimmy Bryson
1. Old Reynoldsburg Rd.

(2011) Smith Cemetery. Dr. J.F. Booth Grave


(2011) Stubbs Plantation Site: Located approximately 10 miles from Brice's Cross Roads, Sturgis' column spent the night here on the rainy night of June 9 during their march to Brice's Cross Roads. The next day during the Union retreat, Col Winslow's Iowa troopers set up a straggler line here in which panic stricken deserters might regain their composure. Campfires were started all along this site to give the illusion of a major campsite while the General, Colonel and officers headed up the road to Ripley, MS. Col. Winslow and his men stayed in the area until the wee hours of the morning when the last soldier passed their lines


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