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Photos/narratives courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, MS
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(2011) Dr. Samuel Agnew Cabin: Located across the road from the Brice's Cross Roads National Battlefield Park, this cabin was relocated to it's current site back in 1954 for a re-enactment. This is the only wartime building still standing at Brice's Cross Roads and was originally located on the Agnew Homestead, a later tour stop
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(2011) Agnew Cabin


(2011) Far Confederate Left Side: This is the ground covered by the Confederates in their attack on Sturgis' infantry line right flank

(2011) Position of the 7 Ill & 10th Mo Calvary Detachments: This location is on Pontotoc Road near Tishomingo Creek and was the site of battle in what locals described as being in an orchard which has been replanted


(2011) Union Wagon Train Interpretive Marker - This is a newly installed interpretive marker near the Tishomingo Bridge crossing

  (2011) The Brice House

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