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Photos/narratives courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, MS
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(2011) Tishomingo Creek Bridge Interpretive Marker
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(2011) Tishomingo Creek Crossing Reconstruction: This photo was taken from a dry creek bed which would be full with flowing water not even a week later after downpours. Human remains of a Union Soldier along with a pocket watch, army canteen and rifle remains were found 100 yards from this spot in the creek bed back in 1953


(2011) Spoils Of War Interpretive Marker

(2011) Chief Tishomingo Interpretive Marker


(2011) Old Ripley Trace: Once located on private lands, this wartime trace is now part of the Brice's Cross Roads Park. Old Ripley Trace was used by the fleeing Union Army toward Agnew Ridge where the rearguard made a brief but bloody stand against the pursuing Confederates


(2011) Phillips Family Homestead Site & Interpretive Marker: This is the site of the Phillips Family Homestead which is located on the old Ripley Trace along the ridge overlooking Phillips Branch Dry Creek (which the small wooden bridge crosses over)

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