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Photos/narratives courtesy of Steven Hippensteel, MS
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(2011) Artillery Charge Interpretive Marker
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(2011) White House Ridge (Agnew House Site Interpretive Marker)


(2011) Rev Agnew Plantation House Site: The Rev. Agnew Plantation House once stood on the ground that is presently occupied by the manufactured home. The interpretive marker is located directly across the street in a newly developed addition to Brice's Cross Roads Park which includes various interpretive markers along with another newly interpreted section of the Ripley Road Trace, once located on private lands

(2011)  These are all new interpretive markers at the Agnew Plantation interpretive site including a photo of the Old Ripley Trace trail head viewed from the perspective of standing in front of the Agnew Plantation house (directly behind me) and looking towards the Haddon Ridge site which is a few miles away. Only two portions of Old Ripley Trace are currently open (Agnew Plantation and Haddon Ridge sites) although the trace does go all the way through across private lands and is very overgrown

(2011) Agnew Plantation interpretive site   (2011) Agnew Plantation interpretive site

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