Davis Guards Medal

Photos/text courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(October 2007) Davis Guards Medal Obverse
The Davis Guard medal was made from a Mexican silver peso. Because the company was largely Irish a green ribbon was was used to hold the medal.
Confederate President Davis wrote the bravery of the Lt. Dick Dowling's men was "without parallel in ancient or modern war." The company that Dick Dowling commanded in the Battle of Sabine Pass was known as "The Davis Guards", so it can easily be imagined how proud President Jefferson Davis must have been when his namesake unit did do well. BTW> There were other companies known as the Davis Guards- This Davis Guard was Company "F" 1st Texas Heavy Artillery .
This medal is the only medal known to be given to Confederate soldiers during the war.


(October 2007) Davis Guards Medal Reverse
The medal presented to members of Company "F" 1st Texas Heavy Artillery (aka Davis Guards) was engraved with the letters "DG" on the obverse with a CSA flag to acknowledge the Davis Guards. On the reverse Sabine Pass and the date Sept 8, 1863 was engraved to recognize the stunning defeat of the Federals at Sabine Pass, Texas on September 8, 1863 when 47 men held back a Union force in the thousands. This is a replica of the medal created by the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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