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September 8, 2007 Monument Dedication

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courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(9-8-2007) Enlarge Texas Historical Marker: Spaight's 11th Battalion
The marker is located inside the Sabine Pass Battleground, which is currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Rita which came ashore in this area


(9-8-2007) Enlarge This photo shows some of the damage to the Sabine Pass battleground caused by Hurricane Rita which made landfall here. If you look closely you'll see a charcoal grill, but the metal picnic table that was bolted to the concrete foundation is long gone and nowhere to be found -such was the power of the storm! Luckily the historic features and monuments weathered the hurricane fairly well


(9-8-2007) Enlarge Capture of the USS Morning Light and the USS Velocity
This marker was dedicated Sept 8, 2007 although the inscription reads 2006 because Hurricane Rita made it impossible to place or dedicate


(9-8-2007) This photo was taken at the entrance to Sabine Pass Battleground. This is a Texas State Historic Site that is currently CLOSED due to Hurricane Rita which destroyed many of the facilities at the park. The park site was opened on Sept 8, 2007 only for a dedication of a monument to Union dead and two historical markers


(9-8-2007) Enlarge Commodore Leon Smith
This marker was dedicated Sept 8, 2007 at Sabine Pass Battleground. It is located very close to the Union Casualties Monument


(9-8-2007) Enlarge Monument to the Union Dead
This new monument was dedicated and photographed Sept 8, 2007. Monuments to Union troops are not common in Texas. This monument is the only monument to Union troops at Sabine Pass Battlefield and was erected through the efforts of citizens rather than any state or government entity


(9-8-2007) Enlarge Union Dead Monument in Relation to Dick Dowling Monument
The Monument to the Union Casualties is shown in relation to the Dick Dowling Monument at Sabine Pass Battleground on the 144th anniversary of the battle Sept 8, 1863 which is also the dedication of the monument Sept 8, 2007. The monument is exactly 6,000 pounds and if I had to guess I would say about 6 feet tall by about 4 feet across

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