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(April 5, 2008)  Enlarge "Hard Living for a Hard Lot"
Lives of the soldiers and sailors are examined in this new interpretive sign. It was a hard life for everyone! A guest speaker once said the statue of shirtless Dick Dowling was declared by his daughter as the most accurate likeness of her father except the shirtlessness. Not one soldier ever would have been shirtless as there are mosquitoes by the thousands both day and night which added to the misery


(April 5, 2008) Enlarge Monument to Union Dead at Sabine Pass, Texas
This Monument to the dead of the Union Army and Navy was erected and dedicated in 2007. It stands below the monument to Dick Dowling and his men who defended Fort Griffin. The photo was taken on April 5, 2008 after the Park Day clean-up promoted by the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT). You can plainly see what a great job these volunteers did at Sabine Pass Battlefield


(February 28, 2009) Enlarge These views of the UDC Monument were taken in the town of Sabine Pass, Texas. The town was devastated by Hurricane IKE and Hurricane Rita

  (February 28, 2009) Enlarge UDC Monument

(February 28, 2009) Enlarge This photo shows the inscription of the UDC Dick Dowling Monument at Sabine Pass, Texas. This is located near the intersection in the SW side


(February 28, 2009) Enlarge This photo shows the Sabine River looking toward where the river empties into the Gulf of Mexico. On the left bank is Louisiana and the right bank foreground is Texas. Although narrow, the Sabine River is deep water

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