Olustee Battlefield Museum
Baker County, Florida

Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(July 2012) Enlarge Union First Lieut. Coat with Red Officer of the Day Sash
This is from the display case at the Olustee Battlefield Museum. Most of the museum uses sunlight from the windows so you will notice a glare near the chest of the officer coat. Also on display is a Sharps Carbine.

(July 2012) Enlarge Butt of Sharps Carbine & 52 Cal Linen Case & 1857 Cent
This view taken on July 9, 2012 shows a closer look at the display case from the lower left side. A portion of the Union 1st Lieut. Officer coat is visible. An 1857 "Flying Eagle" penny is also visible in the scan. The heavily worn penny appears more like a slug, but the outline of the flying eagle can be determined.



(July 2012) Enlarge Confederate First National Flag
This photo taken at the Olustee Battlefield Museum on July 9, 2012 shows the Confederate 1st National Flag. There was no information about this flag, just the flag. Original? Providence? Replica?

(July 2012) Enlarge Bullets & Minie Balls
US 58. Caliber Minie Balls and bullets are seen in the lower right-hand corner of the display case which includes Union officer coat.


(July 2012) Enlarge Confederate Officer Coat and Sword
Across from the Union officer coat at the Olustee Battlefield Museum, a similar display depicts a Confederate officer coat with sword, a Reed Shell and bullets.


(July 2012) Enlarge .69 Caliber Minnie Balls, .58 Rifle Bullets, & Reed Shell Close-up
In the display case with the Confederate officer uniform, just like in the Union officer coat display case, representative samples of Confederate projectiles are on display..69 Caliber Minnie Balls, .58 Rifle Bullets, & Reed Shell fragments as well as a diagram of a Reed Shell can be seen close-up. The bottom portion of the Confederate officer coat can also be seen in the right corner of the scan.

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