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Photos/text this page courtesy of William Bozic, TX  

(6-2006) The Wilderness
CSA Trenches Looking Right

Longstreet's First Corps of the CSA Army of Northern Virginia built these trenches. Longstreet, BTW had been wounded nearby during the battle and was no longer in command at this time. The slight rise in plants denotes the trench line. If you look toward the right center of the photo in the copse of trees the Texas Monument is visible. The open space was the farmland of the Widow Tapp. The tree line in the distance is private property (Fawn Lake, a residential community)


(6-2006) The Wilderness

Although the tour maps indicated the land was part of the Wilderness Battlefield near the Widow Tapp farm area on the Orange Plank Road (Route #621) at the intersection with Hill-Ewell Drive, I could not help but see the obvious


(6-2006) The Wilderness

Looking Left: Widow Tapp Farm, CSA 1st Corps Trench

The rise in the plant life denotes the remains of the trench constructed by the Army of Northern Virginia's First Corps. The photo was taken from the interpretive trail which is behind the Confederate position


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