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August 2007 photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, PA

Richardson’s Hill, Front Royal, Va.
Interpretive Marker: Richardson's Hill

Interpretive Marker: Execution of Mosby's Rangers
Historical marker at Richardson’s Hill, Front Royal Va. - The disruption of supply lines and the constant disappearance of couriers frustrated Union commanders to such a degree that Grant told Sheridan, "When any of Mosby's men are caught, hang them without trial." On September 23, 1864, Union forces that Mosby believed (not necessarily correctly) to be commanded by, and acting with the knowledge of, Union Brig. Gen. George A. Custer executed six of Mosby's men in Front Royal, Virginia; a seventh was executed on a subsequent occasion. William Thomas Overby was one of the men selected for execution on the hill in Front Royal. His captors offered to spare him if he would reveal Mosby's location, but he refused. According to reports at the time, his last words were, "Mosby will hang 10 of you for every one of us." After his death, a Union soldier pinned a piece of paper on his shirt that read: "Such is the fate of all of Mosby's gang

Chester Street, Front Royal
Young Henry Rhodes who was on his first ride with the Rangers was dragged down this street in full view of his mother, who pleaded for his life, before being shot


Commerce Street, Front Royal
Henry Rhodes was shot in a field near the ballpark


Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal Enlarge


Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal Enlarge
Monument To Mosby’s men executed in Front Royal dedicated on September 23,1899. The speaker was ex-Ranger “Dolly” Richards. The Rangers raised funds for this monument by selling souvenir pieces of the “Hanging Tree”


Prospect Hill Cemetery, Front Royal Enlarge
Monument to Mosby's men

Monument detail

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