Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart

General: I left our point of rendezvous yesterday for the purpose of making a night attack on two cavalry companies of the enemy on the Maryland shore.
Had I succeeded in crossing the river at night, as I expected, I would have had no difficulty in capturing them; but, unfortunately, my guide mistook the road, and, instead of crossing by 11 o clock at night, I did not get over until after daylight.
The enemy (between 80 and 100 strong), being apprised of my movement, were formed to receive me.
A charge was ordered, the shock of which the enemy could not resist, and they were driven several miles in confusion, with the loss of 7 killed, a considerable number wounded, and 17 prisoners; also 20 odd horses or more. We burned their tents, stores, camp equipage, &c.
I regret the loss of 2 brave officers killed--Captain Brawner and Lieutenant [George H.] Whitescarver. I also had 1 man wounded.
Respectfully, your obedient servant,
Major of Partisan Rangers