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(2007) Soldiers Barracks
Built in the 1790s, the Soldiers Barracks served as living quarters for enlisted men and non-commissioned officers

(2007) North Wall and Gate

Built in the post-1795 construction, the North Wall and Gate links two corner bastions. The gate provided a means for the defending troops to storm outside of the Fort and ambush attacking troops, if Fort Mifflin were under attack



(2007) Soldiers Barracks

(2007) Soldiers Barracks


(2007) Soldiers Barracks - Siege of 1777 Exhibit Room

This room, on the lower floor of the Soldiers' Barracks contains artifacts and displays about the Fortís role in the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777


(2007) Artifacts found at Fort Mifflin
Artillery at Fort Mifflin
How a cannon is fired

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