Sites near Fort Desperate

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(3-94) East view of Union Batteries 7 and 8 site north of Fort Desperate. Site Marker: Two Union artillery batteries were situated near this location, stretching approximately 75 yards on either side of the concrete trail. Only 400 yards from Fort Desperate, these batteries poured a deadly fire into the Confederate works throughout the 48-day siege. Union Battery No. 7: Battery G, 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery Regiment, Captain Edward McLaflin, commanding. Two 30-pounder Parrott rifled cannons. Union Battery No. 8: 6th Massachusetts Battery, Captain William W. Carruth, commanding; four 12-pounder Napoleon guns. Battery A, 1st U.S. Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Hardman P. Norris, commanding; two 3-inch ordnance rifled cannons

(3-94) Site Marker: During the May 27 assault, the 31st and 38th Massachusetts, 156th New York, and 12th Maine Infantry regiments attacked Fort Desperate through the ravines surrounding the fort. Although these tree-choked ravines slowed the Union charges, the sharpshooters took advantage of the cover that they provided, allowing them to fire on Fort Desperate at close, deadly range

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