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Siege of Port Hudson Official Records Reports

Series I. Vol. 26. Part I Reports and Union Correspondence. Operations in West Florida, Southern Alabama, Southern Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico, May 14 - Dec. 31, 1863. Port Hudson, Etc.

3 reports are listed with one being of operations in New Mexico, it is omitted

May 21-July 8, 1863.--Siege of Port Hudson, La.


May 21, 1863. -- Action at Plains Store.
23, 1863. -- Skirmishes on the Springfield and Plains Store roads.
25, 1863. -- Capture of the Confederate steamers Starlight and Red Chief.
Skirmish at Thompson's Creek.
27, 1863. -- First assault.
June 3-8, 1863. -- Expedition to Clinton.
11, 1863. -- Capture of Confederate outposts.
14, 1863. -- Second assault.
16, 1863. -- Raid on the Union lines.
26, 1863. -- Capture of Union outposts.
July 2, 1863. -- Affair at Springfield Landing.
8, 1863. -- Surrender of Port Hudson.

48 reports are listed for the Siege of Port Hudson, La., 31
Union and 17 Confederate. I will make available as many as possible



No. 1.--Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Gulf.

No. 5.--Capt. William B. Roe, Sixteenth Michigan Infantry, Chief Signal Officer, of operations April 9-July 8.

No. 6.--Lieut. John C. Abbott, Thirteenth Connecticut Infantry, Acting Signal Officer, of operations June 2-July 25.

No. 7.--Lieut. Milton Benner, Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Acting Signal Officer, of operations May 23-June 5.

No. 8.--Lieut. John W. Dana, Twelfth Maine Infantry, Acting Signal Officer, of operations June 29-July 3.

No. 9.--Lieut. Stephen M. Eaton, Twelfth Maine Infantry, Acting Signal Officer, of operations March 13-July 11.


No. 33.--Capt. C. M. Jackson, Acting Assistant Inspector-General, C. S. Army, of the surrender of Port Hudson.

No. 34.--Returns of Casualties in the Confederate forces (incomplete).

No. 35.--Capt. Louis J. Girard, C. S. Army, Chief of Ordnance, Third Military District.

No. 36.--Brig. Gen. W. N. R. Beall, C. S. Army, commanding Brigade.

No. 37.--Capt. John R. Fellows, Assistant Inspector-General, C. S. Army, of skirmish at Thompson's Creek, and assault on the works at Port Hudson.

No. 38.--Col. David Provence, Sixteenth Arkansas Infantry, of the capture of Union outposts, and casualties to July 8.

No. 39.--Col. O. P. Lyles, Twenty-third Arkansas Infantry, of operations May 31-July 3.

No. 40.--Col P. F. De Gournay, Twelfth Louisiana Artillery Battalion, of operations May 24-July 2.

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