Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-1: Grant's Last Line

The artillery along this ridge marks the final position of Grant's line on April 6. From this front, the Federals launched their counterattack on April 7.

Grant's Last Line Panorama

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(2012) Enlarge Marker Detail Tour Stop-1: Grant's Last Line (General Grant's position of artillery)
Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH


(2012) Enlarge 24-pounder Siege Gun Model 1819 and Illinois monument

Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge Ohio 68th Infantry monument

Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge Monuments along Tour Stop-1

Bill Bechmann


(2012) Enlarge Grant's last line of defense at Corinth-Pittsburg Road. The Confederates expected a complete victory here on Monday morning. The Seventeen Kentucky position is just out of frame to the right
Sam Foster, KY


(3-95) Pittsburg Landing Road looking east


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