Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-17: Bloody Pond

Throughout the battle, soldiers of both sides came here to drink and bathe their wounds. Both men and horses died at the pond, their blood staining the water.

Bloody Pond Panorama

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(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-17: Bloody Pond, as seen from the Sunken Road. The only source of water on this portion of the battlefield, it was used by thirsty and wounded soldiers from both sides as it was held, lost and regained by the Federal troops

Interpretive Marker: Bloody Pond
Sam Foster

(2-11) Bloody Pond from the east
Joe White, Gainesville, TX

(2012) Enlarge  Marker Detail Interpretive Marker

Interpretive Marker: Bloody Pond

Bill Bechmann


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(3-04) Enlarge Looking toward the Peach Orchard

   Enlarge Willard's U.S. Battery
Curt Fisher

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