Shiloh National Military Park
Tour Stop-7: Fraley Field / Union Reconnaissance Patrol

The short trail west of this stop leads to Fraley Field where fighting commenced. The battle began here at 4:55 am, April 6, when Confederate pickets engaged a patrol from Col. Everett Peabody's brigade.

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(2012) Enlarge Tour Stop-7: Fraley Field / Union Reconnaissance Patrol (the battle started here at 4:55 am on April-6, 1862)

Bill Bechmann


(3-93) The red arrow points to the trail mentioned in narrative above. Former Tour Stop-8



(11-00) Fraley Field where the opening shots occurred

Don Worth. Webmaster


(3-93) Fraley Field. U.S. 25th Missouri Infantry, Peabody's (1st) Brig., Prentiss' (6th) Div., Army of the Tennessee
Companies "B" "E" and "H" of this regiment, belonging to reconnoitering party, were engaged here from 4.55 a.m. to 6 a.m. April 6, 1862 and then fell back to N.W. corner of Seay Field



Fraley Field from the position of the Union reconnaissance force, looking toward the Confederate position on the high ground

Matt Hering


(3-93) C.S. 3d Mississippi Infantry Battalion, Wood's 3d Brigade, Hardee's Corps, Army of the Mississippi
This Battalion, on picket at this place, was attacked at 4.55 a.m. April 6, 1862 by reconnoitering party sent out by General Prentiss. It held its ground until relieved by brigade about 6 a.m.
Northeast view. East edge of Fraley Field in distant background (tree line)
The green arrow in photo above points to this position



(3-93) Corinth Road trace east of Fraley Field, looking south



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