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(3-95) Visitor Center (Trophies of War). Confederate Regimental Flag, 6th & 7th Arkansas. This infantry regiment was one of the Confederate units that opened the battle by attacking the Union right wing during the early morning hours of December 31, 1862. Each corps of the Confederate army had its own distinctive flag. The white ball on a white bordered blue field indicated the regiment belonged to Major General William J. Hardee's Corps. 
Trophies Of War. Regiments which captured flags or cannons from the enemy were honored for their achievement. These "Napoleons", 12 pdr. smoothbore cannons, were two of four captured from Battery C. 1st Illinois, commanded by Captain Charles Houghtaling. General Sheridan ordered this Battery to hold their position near the slaughter pen "at all hazards". The guns were finally abandoned when all the horses had been shot and the last round of canister was fired. Many of the Confederate units claimed to have captured cannons in the battle including Vaughan's and Donelson's Brigades

(3-95) Visitor Center (Mystery of the Hazen Monument). The Hazen Monument is the nation's oldest intact Civil War Monument. It was built in 1863 after the Battle of Stones River as a memorial to Colonel William B. Hazen's brigade. Hazen's detachment was the only Union brigade to maintain its position against repeated Confederate attacks on the first day of the battle


(3-95) Visitor Center (Mystery of the Hazen Monument)

(3-95) Visitor Center (Mystery of the Hazen Monument)

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