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(3-95) Visitor Center (Mystery of the Hazen Monument). Artifacts recovered in 1985

(3-95) Visitor Center (Artillery Saves the Day). On the afternoon of December 31, 1862, and January 2, 1863, the Union artillery saved Rosecran's army from defeat. Confederate infantrymen were not well supported by their own artillery, which was seriously outgunned by the superbly equipped and organized Union artillery


(3-95) Visitor Center (Attack on the Round Forest, Midmorning, December 31, 1862). Confederate infantry-the 16th Tennessee led by Colonel John H. Savage-advanced to the attack across open fields in line of battle. As the men commenced firing on the Union batteries ahead, cannon and muskets answered from the edge of the woods. The advance continued until the hail of death forced the Confederates to spread out, fire lying down and finally to withdraw. Later attacks also failed to take the Round Forest

(3-95) Visitor Center

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