26th Louisiana Stockade


(3-96)  East view from Confederate Avenue. Site Marker: Small work on left of Shoup's Brigade. This work and the lines immediately to the right and left of it were held, May 22, 1863, and the assault of the Union force repulsed, by the 26th Louisiana. The 31st Louisiana on the right of Baldwin's Brigade assisted in repulsing the assault. A rough stockade in front of this work was begun, June 9, and finished the night of June 11. A trench immediately in rear of the stockade was completed June 15. A countermine against the Union approach was prepared from the trench, but not fired. Casualties in 26th Louisiana during the defense: killed 28, wounded 44, total 72. Major W.W. Martin, Capt. Felix C. Winder, and Lieuts. Numa Arrieux and P.N. Ternier killed

  (3-02) Southeast view

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