Fort Washita
November 9, 2004

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Post Cemetery. The remains of soldiers who died before the War Between the States were removed to the National Cemetery at Fort Gibson in the 1870s. A stone cenotaph honors Brigadier General Belknap who was commander of the army in the southwest. A Chickasaw burial ground is located to the east of the military (later civilian) cemetery and between them is the Colbert family plot. West of the fort are graves dating from the Confederate occupation of Fort Washita


Cenotaph of Gen. William G. Belknap (Post Cemetery)


The original wagon trail road to the California gold fields, 1849-1850. The Post Cemetery is in the background
Another view

New Hospital. Constructed of brick and stone, this hospital was completed in 1857. Only one story, it had eight rooms with a porch on all sides. Assisting the Surgeon was a Hospital Steward who was one of four or five Senior Non-Commissioned Officers assigned to the post. The steward was in charge of several Hospital Attendants or Orderlies

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