Fort Washita
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West Barracks, looking north


West Barracks, east side


General Douglas Cooper Cabin. This two room hewn log cabin was the residence of Douglas H. Cooper who served as Chickasaw/Choctaw Indian Agent in the 1850's. A friend of Jefferson Davis, he was appointed Colonel of the Chickasaw/Choctaw Regiment and was later a Brigadier General in the Confederate States Army. He died here on 29 April 1879 and was buried on the fort grounds. Many of the earlier log buildings were made of unhewn logs or had logs hewn only for the interiors

Visitor Center. Unlike many frontier posts, fort Washita was served by a chaplain. This building was probably constructed in 1842 as an officer's quarters and assigned to the Post Chaplain in 1846. It had two principal rooms, two shed rooms, a detached kitchen, and a fence surrounding the whole. In the 1930's it was rebuilt between existing chimneys as a family home. It is now used as the Site Office and Interpretive Center

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