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(10-02) Recreated fortifications near Gilgal Church. Sloping logs allowed head log to roll over the heads of the defenders if it was hit by artillery fire
Wartime Fortifications


(10-02) Defenders fired under the head logs while standing on the firing step

(10-02) Head Logs  

(9-2013) Enlarge In 1864, Union General William T. Sherman planned to take over Dallas to control the traffic on the county roads that led to larger cities such as Atlanta and Kennesaw. Confederate General Joseph Johnson commanded his troops to stop the Union from the attempted take-over. Because of the Union’s attempt to control part of Paulding County, three battles took place at New Hope Church, Dallas, and Pickett’s Mill. The battles delayed Sherman’s attack on Atlanta. Paulding County’s historic Henderson House served as the Union headquarters
Photo by Tim Barclay, GA

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