Fort Heiman, KY

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Fort Heiman was one of three prominent Southern earthen forts on the Tennessee River in Tennessee and Kentucky, along with forts Donelson and Henry. They were captured by troops under Union Gen. U.S. Grant in February 1862. Mounds of earth atop this high buff are the remains of Confederate Fort Heiman. It's commanding view of the Tennessee River made it ideal to support the low-lying, flood-prone Fort Henry across the river. Confederate Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, then the commanding officer at both Forts Henry and Donelson, ordered it built. Slave labor from Alabama and Mississippi did most of the work. The new fort- named after Col. Adolphus Heiman of the 10th Tennessee Regiment, who commanded the 1,100 troops at the fort and oversaw its construction- was still unfinished when Union Brig. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant launched his offensive in February 1862. On February 4, realizing he probably could not prevent the destruction or capture of Fort Henry, General Tilghman moved the Fort Heiman garrison back to Fort Henry to supplement that fort's defenses. Fort Heiman was subsequently occupied by Union troops from Brig. Gen. C.F. Smith's division and later Col. W.W. Lowe's Fifth Iowa Cavalry.


(October 2008) Enlarge Fort Heiman marker


(October 2008) Welcome sign near the fort


(October 2008) Enlarge Tennessee River from the fort

  (October 2008) Enlarge Earthworks at Fort Heiman

(October 2008) Enlarge View from Boswell landing just north of Fort Henry looking across Kentucky lake (wartime Tennessee River) towards Fort Heiman


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