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Gordon's Assault on Barlow


Gordon's Assault on Barlow

Arriving on the scene around noon, the Union 11th Corps deployed to the right of the 1st Corps in the fields north of the town. Francis Channing Barlow led his division to an exposed position, far forward of the rest of the 11th Corps line, now known as "Barlow's Knoll". Barlow was assailed from the north by John B. Gordon's brigade of Jubal Early's division of Ewell's Corps. Barlow's line was flanked on both sides and crumbled, streaming back to town.





(7-01) Approaching the Blocher farm on Gordon's approach

(7-01) Barlow's Knoll to the south (note monument near tree)


(Late 19th Century) Barlow's Knoll from Rock Creek (Gordon's assault)
Panorama: Gordon's view as he assaulted Barlow's Knoll from the north

(7-01) View from Barlow's Knoll of the Blocher farm

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