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Coster's Battle in the Brickyard


Coster's Battle in the Brickyard

Gen. O. O. Howard of the 11th Corps had held Charles Coster's brigade in reserve on Cemetery Hill. Now Coster was sent forward to cover the retreat. His brigade took up a position in a brickyard on the northern outskirts of town and was attacked from two sides by the brigades of Harry Hays and Isaac Avery. After a desperate delaying action, Coster, too, retreated through town to take up a position on Cemetery Hill.




(7-01) Coster Avenue in suburban Gettysburg where Coster's Federal brigade held off two brigades of Gen. Early's Confederates in a rear guard action on July 1, 1863
Panorama: Coster Mural
Coster Avenue Mural Close-ups courtesy of Walter Wells, PA

(7-01) Enlarge Col. Charles R. Coster's First Brigade



(7-01) Detail from Coster mural

(7-01) Monument to the 154th New York Infantry, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 11th Corps

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