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East Cavalry Field: Stuart versus Gregg


East Cavalry Field: Stuart versus GreggWhile Longstreet was marshalling his forces for the grand infantry charge on July 3, Stuart led the cavalry brigades of Chambliss, Jenkins (under Col. Ferguson), Hampton, and Fitz Lee out the York Pike for 2 1/2 miles, and then south, in an attempt to get in the Federal rear to support any breakthrough that might be accomplished by Longstreet. In the rolling fields between the York and Hanover roads just east of Gettysburg, elements of Stuart's force encountered four brigades of Federal cavalry under the command of Brig. Gen. David M. Gregg. A fire-fight developed in the area surrounding the Rummel barn, which continued for about an hour without any either side succeeding in besting the other. Finally, at 3pm, Stuart organized a massive charge, launched from Cress Ridge south toward the Hanover Road. Gen. Gregg ordered the 1st Michigan, part of the brigade of Gen. George A. Custer, to countercharge the Confederates, with assistance from the 7th MI, 3rd PA, and 1st NJ Cavalry regiments, flanking the enemy on both sides. Capt. Miller of the 3rd PA described the collision of the two forces as like "falling timber, so sudden and violent that many of the horses were turned end over end and crushed their riders beneath them." The Confederate column lost momentum and was forced to retreat to Cress Ridge. Stuart's purpose in moving to the rear of the Federal army had been foiled.



(7-01) Enlarge Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade CSA. Cress Ridge, north of the Rummel Farm. Stuart's grand cavalry charge was launched from the wood line along this ridge
Panorama: View from the north end of the East Cavalry Battlefield where J. E. B. Stuart faced Union Gen. Gregg on July 3, 1863. The Confederate positions were in the woods at right (along Cress Ridge)

(7-01) Enlarge Hampton's Brigade CSA. Cress Ridge, north of the Rummel Farm




(7-01) Enlarge Army of Northern Virginia Cavalry Division. Cress Ridge, north of the Rummel Farm

(7-01) Enlarge Chambliss's Brigade CSA. Just west of the Rummel Farm

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