Gettysburg Photo Album
The Farms: Civilians Nearby Page3

(7-01) Henry Spangler Farm, in the fields south of town and just east of Seminary Ridge. Pickett's division deployed for their charge on either side of the farm buildings
Photo by Don Worth


(7-01) Nicholas Codori farm on the Emmitsburg Road just south of town. Codori was a prosperous butcher who used his farm to raise livestock. It was the focus of fighting on both July 2 and July 3, 1863
Photo by Don Worth


(7-01) Codori farm house on the east side of the Emmitsburg Road

(7-01) Widow Lydia Leister's farm, which was used by General George G. Meade as his headquarters, behind Cemetery Ridge on the Taneytown Road. Looking east. Lydia Leister had very little land and was not well off. When she returned to her home, her livestock was gone, her crops trampled, her house shelled, and there were dead horses in her yard



(7-01) Leister farm, looking east

(7-01) UCLA Students in front of the Leister house, Mead's headquarters
Panorama: Cemetery Ridge and the Leister farm looking west and north
Wartime photo of Leister farm house and 1993 view

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